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3-Week HR Certification Prep Course

3-Week HR Certification Prep Course

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3-Week Course

Spring 2024 Class 

June 3 - 19

Virtual Online Class - 2 days per week (M/W)

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm MT

10% discount available thru May 31  - enter "SHRM10" at checkout

This condensed course is for:

  • HR professionals with experience in multiple areas of HR such as recruiting, employee relations, compensation, training, etc.
  • HR professionals who prefer to study on their own, know they will study on their own, and want some specific guidance where to study
  • HR professionals who need to refresh from a previous prep course
  • HR professionals who have sat for the certification test and didn't pass the first time

This course will "skim" the basics of HR (you already know these), and instead concentrate on the key topics to review, study focus areas, troublesome areas, and information you will see on the test. We also help you understand how to take the test, how to recognize tricky questions, and even how to guess at an answer if necessary.

This course covers each of the five functional areas of HR – Business & Strategy, Total Rewards, Employee & Labor Relations, Training & Development, Talent Management. We will highlight these five areas of HR, the concepts, best practices, and many of the secrets to understanding the questions on the exams.

Besides being affordable, the live online interactive sessions let students participate and ask questions, and each session is recorded for later review. Students are also provided with exam tips, reference resources, hundreds of multiple-choice questions with detailed explanations for each answer.

If you are newer to the HR profession, or have not worked in multiple fields in HR (for instance - only worked in benefits) and need a course that is more in depth and provides you with a wider breadth of HR knowledge, skills, and test preparation - we might suggest you look at our comprehensive 6-week course. 

Course Materials

Registration fee is for our online, 3-week/2 days a week course, as well as class handouts, quizzes/answer sheets, test tips, and other ancillary items.

We do not provide study materials. 

We encourage you to find other robust, detailed study supplies to complement the class information. There are several high-quality study system packages available, as well as textbooks, study guides, quizzes, flash cards, apps, and websites. Please see our Course Materials page for available study systems, as well as recommended manuals/textbooks.


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