Finding The Right People, With the Right Skills, At the Right Time

Improve performance and reduce costs by outsourcing some or all of your recruitment functions to Corporate Talent Advisors.

We have the know-how, contacts, and tools needed to get your job search up and running. We can also supplement your existing staff in all, or some, aspects of the search.  Let us speed your hiring process, reduce costs, and improve candidate quality.

  • Pre-Search

    • Developing employee referral programs
    • Managing external vendors (agencies, advertising)
    • Developing the job profiles
    • Identifying sourcing strategies
    • Creating job postings to catch candidates' attention
    • Conducting interview training
    • Developing effective and compliant interview questions
  • Candidate Pool

    • Collecting and reviewing resumes
    • Screening of top candidates
    • Facilitating face-to-face interviews
    • Participating in face-to-face interviews
    • Debriefing interview results
    • Recommending salary offers
    • Extending offers to candidates
    • Negotiating closure of employment offer
    • Notifying candidates not selected
  • Recruitment Process

    • Providing on-site staffing support
    • Developing recruitment measures/metrics
    • Conducting reference or background checks
    • Facilitating pre-employment testing

Our focus is on helping you "Build People Potential" so you can focus on the big picture.