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CTA provides HR certification courses, designed for working professionals like you.

 According to independent research commissioned by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI):

  • Professional certification is among the most valued credentials for HR professionals, second only to graduate degrees.
  • Certification is widely regarded as a premium education advancement opportunity, as well as a company growth opportunity.
  • Your certification speaks to not only your HR experience, but your willingness to go above and beyond to get successful business results.
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Course Description

This course is for every HR professional. Those brand new to the profession and the seasoned professional - anyone looking for a thorough review of the HR profession, knowledge, and skills through a comprehensive study course.

In addition to the deep dive into each of the five functional areas of HR - Business & Strategy, Total Rewards, Employee & Labor Relations, Training & Development, Talent Management, we will highlight the key concepts, best practices, and many of the secrets to understanding questions on the exams.

Also, while many HR professionals feel that they know the HR material, they may not be the best test-takers – we can help. This course also includes explaining the exam structure, types of questions to expect, clarifying how to study and practice for the exam.

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