Find a Rewards Programs That Balances Fiscal Responsibilities and Staying Competitive

Your want to recognize your strong performers, and every employee is looking for fair and equitable rewards for the work they provide. Are you confident your salaries are competitive in the market? Are they equitable across the organization? 

 Do your employees understand and utilize the benefits your organization provides?

CTA can help you to make smarter pay decisions, retain top performers, provide transparent pay policies, and balance total rewards programs with fiscal responsibility, ensuring your employees understand, grasp, and optimize their benefits. 

  • Pay Practices

    • Wage and Hour laws and compliance
    • Job analysis, job descriptions
    • Salary grade structure development
    • Salary surveys, practice surveys, market comparisons

  • Incentives and Rewards

    • Retention programs
    • Equity adjustments
    • Promotion guidelines
    • Executive compensation
    • Sales compensation
    • Incentive plan design
    • Rewards and recognition programs
  • Benefits Strategy

    • Benefit plan design
    • Benefit strategy 
    • Benefit communications

Our focus is on helping you "Build People Potential" so you can focus on the big picture.